Warranty & Return

Warranty: 6 Months warranty. The warranty does NOT cover any damage that is not fault of ours, e.g. screens with scratches, dint, crack, frame damage, issue caused by cable over bent or LCD damage, cable broken or pulled off, connector pin damage, or liquid damage etc. We reserve the right to refuse warranty on any items displaying any physical damage at our discretion.

When returning products we highly recommend that each item to be packed carefully in a bubble bag or wrap as this way can effectively reduce the chance of damaging the products during transportation. Please note that all returns are stock-dependent and we reserve the right to offer a refund for the item instead of replacement.

We use a unique sticker/stamp to identify our products, and recommend our clients to check the parts carefully before returning to us. If the returned products are not ours and the client requests them to be sent back separately the client needs to pay postage.

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